Make Your Own Halloween Mummy

Hanging fake spider webs and creating your own lanterns is one way to decorate your house during Halloween. If you want to make something bigger or more life like, why not add a mummy?

To make one, you don’t have to buy a mannequin or an inflatable. You will need a lot of newspaper though, since this will help make up the entire body.

When all the parts are ready, hold everything together using some tape, then begin wrapping the mummy using bandages. Ideally, the best bandages to use would be medical gauze. But since that would be too expensive, you will have to substitute this with toilet paper instead. It is best to use the plain kind since people will probably laugh if they noticed that it has a flowery design.

Halloween mummy in haunted house or woman with bandages on her in abandoned building,3d illustration

Now that your mummy is ready, put this in a covered area where it can be seen like beside the front door on your porch or inside by a window.

If you are having a party or want to scare your own family, put your mummy in places where they would least expect like the bathtub or the closet. Then just wait for it…. in 3,2,1…aaahhhh!

Another way of making a mummy will require adult size clothes for a large mummy and child sized clothes for a small one. When you have it, lay these on the floor and start stuffing it using newspaper. If you notice, the end result will make your mummy look like a scarecrow.

For the hands of the mummy, get a pair of gloves then attach this to the arm then wrap this up using toilet paper or gauze. If you can spare an old white bed sheet which you can cut into strips, that would be even better.

As for the head, try inflating a balloon or use a gallon sized milk jug. Place near the collar of the shirt. Continue wrapping until you are also able to cover the mummy’s face. If you want your mummy have some eyes, use black construction paper then glue them on the face.

While most mummies lie still, you can make your mummy different by letting it sit upright on a chair. One suggestion will be put the chair beside the table where the candies are.

close up of bandage on white background with clipping path

Your life sized mummy will look great wherever you decide to put it. If the tissue, gauze or strips should come off just patch it. The patches will give it an extra “ghoul” effect.

Although most mummies are white, you can give it an aged appearance by using some spray paint. The two ideal colors to use for this are translucent beige and brown which you can easily buy from the craft store.

Mummy in the Halloween concept

When Halloween is all over, take one last look at the mummy and then take it apart. Some of the stuff you used can be recycled for next year.


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