Grown-Up Halloween Games

Green witch opening Halloween carved pumpkin on full moon background. Halloween, horror theme

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Halloween is, of course, a time for trick-or-treating, and mom and dad certainly can’t go out begging in the streets for candy (or can they?), but the holiday can also be a great time for some adult fun.

If you are planning a socially-distant Halloween party for grown-ups, you will want to have some adult Halloween games on hand. It is all part of the fun.

Friends drinking during Halloween night

Some great adult Halloween games include:

About the Town – This is a scavenger hunt. All you need to do is create a list of Halloween-related items, pass out the list to each team, and send them on their way to collect the items. Some great objects to put on the list include:

A Hangman’s noose
A black veil
An obituary

You get the idea. Just include items that have to do with being scared, ghosts, Halloween, or whatever.

Scavenger Hunt – You might try a variation on the hunt, too. One great idea is to make the hunt a video scavenger hunt. Each team goes off with video camera in hand (or cell phone with a camera or whatever) and films the items rather than actually bringing the items back with them. This is really cool because you can make the list of items include really big stuff and potentially scary things like tombstones. For a further variation, you can have the list be only things like: Superman, a clown, a pirate, a fairy princess, a werewolf, a vampire, and so on. That would mean the adult Halloween games would include the kids via taking video of trick-or-treaters who are all dressed up.

Witch – fortune teller reading fortune close up

Halloween Fortune Telling – In this game, your guests put their knowledge of one another to the test and get to know each other better.

Simply hand out slips of paper and a pencil to each guest. Each person then chooses a person at the party (maybe even himself or herself), but doesn’t tell anyone who it is. Then, everyone write a “fortune” for that person, folds it, and puts it into the fishbowl. You can have everyone write one or several; that’s up to you.

Then, each guest pulls out a slip of paper and reads the fortune. He then tries to guess which person wrote the fortune and which person the fortune is about.

Some examples of fortunes might be:

“This person will get caught doing something illegal and spend the night in jail.”
“This person will marry someone from a foreign country.”
”This person will quit his job and buy a Corvette when he turns fifty.”
“This person will adopt a child.”
“This person will become President of the PTA.”

You get the idea. Each person who correctly guesses wins a small prize, and this game is a delightful way to get conversations started at your Halloween bash.

Halloween pumpkin with scary face on black background

A really cool variation of this game is to have each guest put their name on a piece of paper and drop into the bowl. Then have each guest draw a name from the bowl and have the one who drew the name make up a scary story about the name drawn. Then have the other guest guess who the scary story is about.

As you can see adult games can be a lot of fun and the types of games can be endless. It just takes a little planning to come up with adult Halloween games.


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