How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween is not the same without a pumpkin just like Christmas is not the same without a tree. But do you know what’s better than pumpkin? A carved one! Here’s how to do it:

Happy smiling family sitting on hay bales and holding pumpkins at outdoor market.

You first have to go pumpkin picking or to the supermarket and get a pumpkin. You can make this a family activity with your kids by letting them choose it. Once this is brought home, you guys can decide what kind of face the pumpkin will have. It can be happy, angry or something funny that your neighbors will find entertaining.

With a pen, the kids can outline the face so once everything inside the pumpkin is removed, you can easily cut holes for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Closeup on woman using stencils to carve big orange pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween party. Traditional autumn holiday

But before you do that, put the pumpkin on a flat surface that is already covered with newspaper. Get a long serrated knife (if you are doing the cutting but a safety knife if the kids are doing it) and then cut out a circle around the stem of the pumpkin and place this on top of the newspaper.

With the pumpkin open, it will be easy for you and your kids to put your hands inside and get the contents out. Since these are still edible put them in a container so you can use this later on to make a salad or a pumpkin pie. There will probably be a few things left inside so use a large spoon to get the remaining stuff.

mother and daughter making halloween pumpkin

Don’t forget to clean the lid of the pumpkin too. You should also put holes here so heat can escape when you place the top back on with a candle inside.

Now it is time to cut the marked areas for the face of the pumpkin. For this, you will once again use the serrated knife by cutting around the edges so you can easily push this out with your hand. After you have done this, put a candle inside or a small battery-operated light so people will be able to see your wonderful creation at night.

If you decide to use a candle, monitor it regularly since the wind could blow out the light and you don’t want to burn your house down! If you don’t want to do this, a solar powered tea light is another eco-friendly option.

Your experience in carving one pumpkin will make it easier to make more, I dare say you may become a “pumpkin carving expert”! So you may want to you put one outside and maybe a couple of them indoors. Since an open pumpkin does not that long, you have to prepare these the night before.

Process of Making Halloween pumpkins. Hands in rubber gloves sliced the pumpkin by small hacksaw.

But there are ways to preserve the pumpkin so this will not rot overnight. Your first option will be to place it inside a bathtub of cold water and pour in some picking powder which keeps the pumpkin from drying out and fresh. You can also preserve your carved pumpkin by putting it inside the refrigerator when it is not being displayed.


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