13 Ways to Cultivate Your Sense of Wonder

Are you happy with your life overall, but still yearning for something more? If you
want to feel alive and connected, it may benefit you to cultivate your sense of

Office workers and schoolteachers can experience just as much awe as astronauts
and wildlife photographers. In fact, research shows that each of us needs those
moments that make us feel part of something larger than ourselves.

Beautiful girl astronaut without a helmet sits on a green lawn among flowers in a meditative position..

In addition to making us feel happy, awe strengthens our immune system, relieves
stress, and encourages us to cooperate with others.

Elevate your daily routines by stepping out of your comfort zone. Use these ideas to
cultivate your sense of awe.

Seeking Inspiration

The word inspiration written on a blue circle badge with male hand drawing rays around the badge

Opportunities for wonder are right in front of you if you know how to look. Seeing
something or someone you admire can motivate you to aim higher.

Take advantage of these methods to discover inspiration:

Test tubes. Young chemist wearing gloves working with test tubes full of chemical agents
  1. Study science. The successful fast tracking of the COVID-19 vaccines is even more remarkable when you remember that it took more than 20 years of research to develop a shot for polio. Keep up with science and perform your own simple experiments.
Young female visitor looking reflective while sitting on a bench and admiring the various paintings on the wall of an art gallery

2. Appreciate art. Decorate your home with beautiful objects and listen to music.
Visit art museums and express your creativity through painting or gardening.

Group of diversity kids holding hands and playing at outdoor park with happy and funny

3. Play with kids. You may have lost some of your ability to feel awe as you grew
up. Spending time with younger family and friends can help you recapture
your enjoyment of falling snow and mud pies.

French Bulldog Take a Walk Lovely Pet Animal Concept

4. Walk your dog. For maximum excitement, consult the nearest dog. They’ll point
out the highlights in your neighborhood park or backyard.

Smiling asian girl, tourist in medical mask, posing near suitcase, showing passport, tickets for vacation trip, standing over yellow background.

5. Take a trip. Travel is another proven way to change your perspective and
expand your thinking. Research destinations for your next vacation or a
weekend outing. Order brochures, browse online, and talk with others about
their recommendations.

ecotourism: female hiker exploring wilderness of a tropical rainforest

6. Go outside. Nature is a major source of inspiration close to home or far away.
Watch the sun rise and set. Buy a bird feeder or volunteer at a wildlife

Using Habits to Spark Your Sense of Wonder

Pleased hipster guy enjoys perfect sound, listens music for motivation, wears wireless headphones, closes eyes with pleasure, enjoys favorite song, has messy hairstyle, poses over colored stickers

Regular daily routines, like washing dishes and attending meetings, become more
meaningful when you engage fully with what you’re doing.

Try these strategies:

lazy man happy waking up in the bed rising hands to window in the morning with fresh feeling relax
  1. Wake up early. Studies show that early risers tend to be happier and more
    successful. Stick to a bedtime that allows you to wake up naturally with plenty
    of energy to power you through your day.
Muscular couple doing plank exercise while lifting weights

2. Work out. Regular exercise can help you to stay active as you age. Maintain
your mental and physical strength and fitness.

3. Savor your food. Healthy eating is one way of honoring how much your body
does for you. Sit down and chew your food slowly. Prepare your own meals and
snacks using delicious whole foods.

Closeup of a support hands

4. Help others. Thinking about others reduces anxiety and depression. Practice
random acts of kindness and find a career that enables you to have a positive

Image of cheerful young colleagues indoors coworking. Looking aside using laptop computer.

5. Focus on teamwork. Wonder makes you want to collaborate with others, so
you can accomplish more. Celebrate diversity and build trust. Set clear goals
and work on your communication skills.

Try New text, message on paper. Motivation in learning and business.

6. Try new things. Novelty promotes feelings of awe and helps you to stay
engaged. Mingle at parties and chat with strangers. Take courses online. Ride
your bike instead of driving to the office.

Image of beautiful woman with Afro hairstyle rewrites information in notebook from book, writes down homework, enjoys leisure time in bedroom, wears casual clothes. Female makes future plans

7. Keep a journal. It’s easy for your sense of wonder to get buried under daily
concerns. A journal could help you to notice and remember the amazing
moments that happen each da

Make awe part of your daily life. Slow down and discover the wonders that surround
you. Awe makes you feel smaller in a positive way that broadens your perspective
and enriches your experiences.


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