Ways to Use Essential Oils this Spring

Spa massage oil decorated with spring blooming branches, special formula of essential oils; exclusive and luxury product

If you are learning more about essential oils, you are probably aware of the basics – from the oils to start with, to the importance of using carrier oils. Spring is an excellent time to adapt more natural healing into your life, including with pure essential oils. The following information shows you how to use them during the spring and which ones can be best for this time of year.

Select Refreshing Spring Oils

Before you use your spring essential oils, you need to make sure you have the right scents. While iyou can use any scent during any season, spring often calls for fruity, refreshing, floral type of scents. If you have inventory from the fall and winter seasons, it might be time to buy a few more. For spring, try floral scents like rose and lavender, some chamomile, and citrus or refreshing scents like mint, eucalyptus, wild orange, and lemon.

Essence of flowers on a table in a beautiful glass jar

Try Blending Different Oil Scents

You can use any essential oil on its own or with a carrier oil, but don’t forget about blends. These combine two or more oils into one diffused scent. You can use these in all the same ways as individual oils, from adding them to your bath to putting them in a diffuser or making homemade candles. Put together scents you think will go together, like vetiver and lemon, jasmine, rose and tangerine, or chamomile and rose. Mix and match with both the types of scents and the number of drops until you are happy with the results.

Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Now onto how you can use these essential oils in the spring. You will have all the same options, but in the spring, you might really enjoy using your diffuser. You can turn it on during your evening bath or when you are working on spring cleaning. If you need to de-stress, turn it on in your bedroom in the evenings. The best benefit of using a diffuser is that you don’t need a carrier oil since the pure essential oil never touches your skin.

Top view of smiling black girl getting head massage at spa, lying on white decorated with flowers

Make Your Own Products with the Oils You can also make your own DIY home, skincare, or beauty products for the spring. For spring cleaning, make a natural home refreshing spray with water, a carrier oil, and a scent like lemon or sweet orange. You can make soaps, candles, and many other personal care products as well


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