What to Journal About in the Spring

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Spring is the time when you often feel ready for a restart in your life. Flowers are blooming, the sun is coming out, and you want to detox your body and mind. Many people turn to journaling during this time of year, but what do you journal about? Here are some ideas that are perfect for the spring season.

Create Your 90-Day Goals

Every time a new season begins, it is the perfect time for another round of 90-day goals. These occur every 3 months of course, and provide an excellent time span for short-term and long-term goals. It is not so much time that you feel like you have a lot of time to waste, but not such a short period of time that makes you feel overwhelmed. With your journal, you can set some 90-day goals along with the tasks needed to complete them in the designated time.

Monthly sheets of business plans and habits list to do, in the spring months of March, April, May. Vector

Start a Bullet Journal

This is also a good time of the year for bullet journaling, whether you start a brand new one or you just want to revisit some of your pages and give them a fresh look for spring. With bullet journaling, you are not doing long pages of text, but rather organizing different parts of your life. It is a combination of a calendar, planner, and journal all rolled into one. For the spring, pages like monthly calendars, task and to-do lists, and goal lists are perfect.

Try a Health Reset

If you want to be healthier during the spring season, write about it in your journal! You can use your journal to create the entire plan, from ways to change your diet, to listing superfoods, adding in more water and tracking it daily, logging exercise, and keeping track of your vitamins and supplements to take each day. It is also important for your mental health, managing stress or anxiety with the journal.

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Commit to Daily Journaling

If you can make a commitment this season to journal every day, you will start to notice all the many benefits. You will feel like you are on the right track for a fresh start, will begin gaining momentum and have more mental clarity. It can help with your physical, mental, and emotional health, and really have a positive impact on your life. Try to commit to just a few minutes of journaling every day for a month and see how you feel.


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