You Can Still Be Romantic Even if You’re Broke

Keeping your loved one’s heart aflutter when life gets frantic is hard. Things become even more difficult if you’ve been together a long time. Couples fall into ruts. It’s natural. That’s why it’s so important to make an effort to show your appreciation through actions and words. Acts of romance spice things up and increase your bond. They also tend to cost money. For those who art short on cash, being romantic may not be high on the priority list; however, it should be. Complacency is incredibly damaging to relationships. Don’t neglect your significant other. You can still be romantic even if you’re broke. Here’s a list of ideas to inspire you.

Send a Love Note

Hand-written notes are a lost art. This traditional act shows you’ve taken the time to collect your thoughts and record them in a meaningful way. Amp up the creativity by writing several short notes and sending your sweetie on a scavenger hunt to find them.

Go on a Picnic

Summer sea sunset. Romantic picnic on the beach. Bottle of wine, glasses, candles, plaid and pillows. Selective focus.

You have to eat, right? Pick a day when you’re both free, pack a lunch and head out to a lovely spot to enjoy time together. Make it a moonlight picnic for added ambience. If the weather’s cold, don’t fret. Take your basket meal and spread out a blanket on the living room floor. Anything works as long as it puts the emphasis on you being together.

Plan a Game Night

Chances are good that you have some games lying around the house that may not have been played for a while. Schedule an evening to relaxing, playing your favorite games. It can be an old classic like Monopoly or even a game of cards. There are some fun new two-player tabletop games that are getting rave reviews. Maybe you could borrow one if you don’t own it yourselves.

Set Up a Home Spa

Senior loving couple lying naked at spa center holding hands. Mature woman and man lying on massage table and waiting for a spa treatment. Beautiful relaxed couple enjoy the peace after a beauty treatment.

Yes, even men can indulge in spa activities. A massage with oil or silky lotion is a fabulous way to ease the stress, and touching your partner is a therapeutic way to enhance intimacy. A relaxing bubble bath together can be quite lovely, as well. Don’t forget to burn a nice smelling candle or incense to gain the benefits of aromatherapy and set the mood.

Read Together

If you and your significant other enjoy reading but haven’t had enough time to indulge lately, set aside a Sunday morning or quiet evening to do so. You can gather your favorite poetry collections and read them aloud to each other while sipping a glass of wine. It’s even okay if you read your own favorite materials separately, but in the same room. Purposefully setting time aside to do something you enjoy is an incredibly loving act.

See? It doesn’t take a lot of money to be romantic. What’s important is the effort that’s made on behalf of your partner and for the good of your relationship.


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