Ideas for Fall Self-Care Activities

The lady in a vintage dress strolls along the picturesque, golden, autumn hills at sunset. A long train of black skirt fluttering in the wind. The girl is hugging herself from the cold. Artistic Photo

Self care has been a hot topic for a few years now, instilling the importance of taking more time out to do something good for yourself. If you want to continue this tradition during the fall season, here are some unique ideas that are great for this time of year.

Enjoy the Outdoor Fall Scenery

Smiling happy girl portrait, lying in autumn leaves. Outdoor.

When people think of self-care, they often think about staying inside and having a bath or reading a book. While this is a great way to practice self-care, it definitely isn’t the only option. Self-care is all about doing something for yourself, whether inside or outside, alone or with others. That is why a great way to practice self-care in the fall is by enjoying the beautiful scenery outdoors.

Head outside to walk around your neighborhood, go to a nearby park, or hike where the leaves are changing.

Autumn girl portraits. Sunset. Pink knitted sweater on shoulders. woman reading a book. Yellow leaves and trees. Park. Warm atmosphere.

Find a New Book to Read

If you’re looking more for an indoor self-care activity, it doesn’t get much better than unplugging and enjoying a great book. Do you have a stack of books on your nightstand that you keep avoiding? Put that phone away, turn off Netflix, and pick up a book instead. Get transported into the imaginary world the writer creates, and you will quickly understand why this is such a popular choice when it comes to self-care.

Try Fall-Scented Essential Oils

Whether you are brand new to essential oils, or simply wan ta change for the new season, this is a fantastic time to choose some new scents. You can definitely find blends that remind you of fall, from pumpkin spice to woodsy outdoor blends, or you can choose individual scents for the season and use your favorites.

Some fall scents to look for in your essential oils include:







Sweet Orange



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