Group of children in Halloween costumes sitting on the ground and looking at camera they are at Halloween party

Dressing up in costume for Halloween is one of the most enjoyable parts of the month of October, but costumes can be expensive to purchase. This is especially true when you’re purchasing for several people. Kids’ costumes can add up quickly in price, but you can save a significant amount of money by creating your own.

Try these frugal and fun and costume ideas for children:

Girl child holding piece of paper with a word WEATHER EXPERT. White background, copy space,
  • Meteorologist (Weatherman or Weathergirl) – If your child already has rain gear, such
    as a yellow jacket and rain boots, you can easily add to this attire for a
    creative costume. Outfit a large umbrella with craft paper lightning bolts
    and raindrops or snowflakes strung up on fishing line. This simple
    costume is super cute.
cute little workers teamwork
  • Many “occupational” costumes are easy to make using materials you already have. You may need to buy a costume hardhat to finish off a carpenter or construction costume, for example, but the cost is much lower when you can use your own blue jeans and tool belt from home.
A group of nine children of different ethnicities stand with their arms around each other. The children are wearing colorful shirts.
  • Crayon. This is another fun costume you can make with things you may
    already have. Take a solid color shirt and pant set and adhesive-backed
    felt. Create “CRAYON” or a color label with black felt.

    ✴ Make accents for the wrists and ankles that coordinate with a typical
    “Crayola.” Finally, top it off with a pointed party hat in a coordinated
    color for the perfect sharpened tip.
  • Animal costumes. Animal costumes are easy to make, beginning with
    a leotard or a single-colored outfit and a coordinating fabric or felt.
    Attach ears to a headband, and create a tail that you can safety-pin to
    the waistband. A little face paint goes a long way, but doesn’t cost
    much to acquire.
    ✴ Dogs and cats work well as quick animal costume ideas. Get more
    creative with lizards, birds and other animal costumes depending on
    what materials you have at hand.
Cute Halloween puppy with a pumpkin.
  • With enough planning, you can create your own costumes quickly and easily,
    often with items that you already have at home. This will allow your children to
    get the most out of their Halloween experience without forcing you to go
    beyond your budget!


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