Fully Remote: How To Tell If You Will Survive (and Even Thrive) When Working From Home! (And maybe even a few places to start!)

Beautiful middle aged African American woman or businesswoman working on her cell phone & laptop computer and looking after her female child daughter

Answer these questions to help you determine if the work at home lifestyle could work for you.   

1. Are you a self-starter?

 o Yes, I initiate projects all the time without being encouraged to do so. 

Sometimes; if I know exactly what I’m supposed to do.  

No, I don’t like taking charge. I would rather have someone tell me what I need to do. 

2. Do you enjoy working by yourself?

Yes, I enjoy the peace and quiet – It helps me focus. 

o Sometimes; but only in small doses. I enjoy the camaraderie of my co-workers. 

No, I love being around people too much. 

Busy businesswoman working with baby on lap

3. Do you have good communication skills? 

Yes, I’m very proactive and make sure I communicate any questions or problems that arise. 

Sometimes; when I feel like it’s important. 

No, I’m terrible at communicating, especially when it comes to my workload and things that I need.  

4. Do you consider yourself an organized person?  

Yes! My workspace is always tidy, and I know where everything is. 

o Occasionally; but it never stays that way. 

No, my house, workspace and life are always cluttered. 

Busy Mother Working From Home With Daughter

5. Can you focus on one task without getting distracted? 

Yes! When I’m working on something, I’m 100% focused. 

Sometimes; when I like what I’m doing. 

No, I get distracted easily and my thoughts tend to wander. 

6. Can you enjoy making your own hours? 

Yes, I love the flexibility of working whenever I want. 

Sometimes; but it’s also harder to keep track of my hours.   

No, it’s too confusing. I like to know I have a set schedule. 

7. Can you ignore housework that needs to be done: i.e., dishes, laundry, etc? 

Yes, if I’m working, I’m working. Tasks around the house don’t bother me. 

Sometimes; if the mess isn’t too bad. 

No. If I see a mess, I have to clean it up, work or no work. 

Female designer working with colors

8. Do you have a designated, quiet workspace? 

Yes, I have my own office space where I can work every day. 

Yes, if you consider the kitchen table a workspace.

o No, I just use whatever room is empty at the time. 

9. Do you make time every day to unwind? 

Yes, I always make time to relax and wind down at the end of the day. 

Sometimes, if I don’t have too much else to do. 

No, I have kids. Who has time for that? 

10. Do you enjoy being at home? 

Yes, I love being home. It’s my favorite place in the whole world. 

Sometimes; to relax or when I’m not feeling well. 

No, I love getting out of the house. Being home is nice, but not all the time. 

Work from home message on keyboard

For all those questions to which you answered YES, keep doing what you’re doing in these areas to maintain a friendly work/life balance. 

If you answered SOMETIMES or NO, it’s time to assess what changes you can make to better adapt to a work at home life. Of course, if you’re happy with your life, no changes are necessary. But if you’d like to experiment and experience how working from home could change your life for the better, try implementing a few changes here and there. 

These changes don’t have to be life-altering; start small by adding one new habit a week. Designate a workspace for yourself and get organized. Set clear boundaries with your family and let them know your work hours. Stick to a set schedule and give yourself time to unwind each day. Small actions can lead to big changes over time.  

There aren’t any point values involved in this assessment and no one will come back to check on whether you’ve made changes; but improving each of these answers toward the YES column will greatly increase your chances of success when working from home. 


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