Outdoor Activities You Can Do in Your Backyard While on Self-Quarantine

Stuck at home, but want to still get fresh air and exercise? Go in your backyard! If you have a yard of any size, you can still find activities to do with your kids or whoever you live with. There are also some you can do solo.

Chalkboard Pictionary

The first outdoor activity you can do in your backyard is chalkboard Pictionary. Chalkboards tend to be easier to find in larger sizes, though you can use a big white board if you prefer that. Set it up on some type of easel in the backyard on the lawn or patio. Play it just like a normal game of Pictionary, where one person draws the word on their card, and everyone else has to guess what it is. You can even make it more active by everyone having to act out with their body what they think the word or phrase is.

Lawn Games

Lawn games have been getting more popular recently, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find them! They are often larger sizes of classic games your family loves, like Giant Jengaor Giant Dominoes. These can be played on your patio or even in the grass if you prefer. Getting people to stand and walk around gives everyone a lot more activity than sitting down to play the game. Another really popular option is Corn Hole.

Plant Something with Your Kids

It is a great time to plant something! If you are home alone, you can do this on your own, whether you want to plant some flowers in your backyard or start a vegetable or herb garden. With kids at home, it can be a learning experience for them as you teach them how to plant and grow something, plus it might count as science class if you’re doing homeschooling. It is a more physical activity that gets you unplugged and can relieve stress and anxiety as well. 

Sprints and Other Workouts

Your backyard is ideal for workouts, since you have more space to run around. Look up bodyweight or cardio workouts, and you should get an idea of what you can do outdoors. For example, you can warm up for your workout outside by doing walking lunges along with some squats. You can run sprints back and forth, run around the backyard until you have gone a mile, or have fitness challenges with other members of your household.


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