Inner Strength Can See You Through Hard Times (Wisdom Wednesday)

As you are well aware, life is anything but one joyful experience after another from birth to death. Instead, our time here is nothing but a fluctuation of highs and lows. Very few, if any, people are reaching out for help regarding how to deal with the easiest and most enjoyable parts of life. Successfully navigating through adversity and difficult situations is the real battle. 

Although there are other resources to turn to during periods of tribulation, often times the answers can be found within. We have within ourselves the ability to muster an incredible amount of strength and resolve when necessary. Finding your inner strength can get you through just about anything and actually make you better on the other side of your problem. 

In this article, we are going to put out three reasons why inner strength is usually all that is required to handle hard times. 

Bet On Yourself

When life throws an obstacle your way, the worst thing you can do is cower down to it. Approaching difficulty from a place of defeat is only going to result in just that, defeat.

Instead, it is important that you have confidence in yourself and your ability to conquer the obstacle. Self-confidence, believe it or not, is not some intrinsic trait that a person comes into this world with. 

Rather, this mindset is created and strengthened each time you overcome some form of adversity. With each successful battle against difficulty, your own self-confidence grows. Over time, you gain the ability to handle the next similar situations even better. 

Stepping Stones VS Roadblocks

Going back to the defeated mindset we previously discussed, the way in which you view hard times is of the utmost importance. The defeated mentality will perceive an obstacle as an insurmountable wall that can only result in failure. 

On the contrary, having inner strength shifts this perspective in a way that views the same situation as an opportunity for personal growth and development. 

Growth and improvement do not happen during times of comfort and simplicity. We can all agree that in order to get better at anything, failure is an unavoidable part of the process. 

Given that no matter which of these mindsets you approach difficulty with, the problems you face in life are going to arise regardless, you might as well go into the battle with a victorious frame of mind! 

If It’s Worth It, It Won’t Be Easy

If you think about any particular accolade or accomplishment that people aspire to gain, none of them are handed out freely. If this were the case, landing a high profile job or winning a championship would be as easy as purchasing a cup of coffee! 

Inner strength is often the one factor that separates those who achieve great things in life from those that settle for what is given to them. Allowing yourself to become a victim of your circumstances is no way to accomplish the goals and dreams you strive for. Furthermore, the difficulty and sacrifice that is required to accomplish anything great makes the end result that much more fulfilling! 

Anyone who sets big goals and plans for a successful life, which hopefully describes you, must do so with the knowledge that adversity is an inevitable part of the process. There is an extremely fine line between a comfort zone and a mental prison. 

As you go through life, possessing the inner strength to envision the reasoning behind each obstacle is imperative to success. Don’t live in fear of rejecting comfort and easy in order to do accomplish what those around you will not.


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