Vitamins for Inner and Outer Beauty

Beauty often begins on the inside with what you eat and drink, but also on the outside. This is where essential vitamins and minerals come in. If you want to be healthy and vibrant on the inside and outside, make sure you have the following vitamins every day.

Vitamin C

Need Some Vitamin Sea!

The first vitamin to make sure you are adding to your everyday supplement routine is vitamin C. This is important for absolutely everyone, not just for inner and outer beauty, but for general health as well. Vitamin C provides important nutrients that help to combat the cold and flu during the winter season, but that’s not the only way it helps with beauty. You are also getting a large boost of antioxidants into your body, which can also help with boosting collagen in your skin to make you look more youthful, as well as helping with the health and vitality of your skin.

Vitamin D3

The next important vitamin to have in the winter is vitamin D3. Vitamin D comes from the sun as its most natural source, but you probably don’t spend as much time outdoors in the winter with the cold weather and darker days. This is why you should be increasing your D3 amount throughout the winter season. Vitamin D helps to boost your mood, increase your energy level, and even helps you to absorb more calcium into your body. When you have more energy, you are more willing to take care of yourself, thus helping your inner and outer beauty as well.

Vitamin E

If you have ever had problems with your skin, you know the power of vitamin E. This really works wonders for natural beauty, not just for your skin, but for your hair strength and health as well. It can also be great for improving the health of your nails. Vitamin E will provide a natural moisture to your skin by taking the supplement every day, but you can also try using vitamin E oil if you want to apply it topically. It is good for protecting your skin from free radical damage, and works at adding in moisture while reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars, lines, and wrinkles.


In terms of supplements, make sure you are getting enough iron in your diet. This will make you look and feel better each day. Iron often comes from foods like red meat and green vegetables, but if you don’t think your diet is providing enough iron, you may want to take a supplement to ensure you are getting enough. Iron is going to help keep out sluggishness and fatigue, which can improve your skin’s vitality.

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